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Mounting Adhesives and Accessories

Tech Bulletin A9

Aremco's Crystalbond™ and Wafer-Mount™ adhesives are ideal materials for temporarily mounting products that require dicing, polishing, and other machining processes. These adhesives exhibit high bond strength and adhere readily to metals, glass and ceramics. When processing is complete, reheating and cleaning with one of Aremco’s environmentally friendly cleaning agents removes these adhesives.

Crystalbond™ 509, 555, 590
Mounting Adhesives and Accessories

Crystalbond™ 509
Provides excellent adhesion and minimizes clogging of diamond tools. Transparent in thin cross-sections. Soluble in 509-S stripper, an odorless, non-flammable, biodegradable water-rinsable solvent. Available in three standard colors: 509-1 Light Amber, 509-2 Dark Amber, 509-3 Clear-Blue.

Crystalbond™ 555 & 555-HMP
Low melting point adhesives for moderate-stress machining processes, dry plasma etching of silicon wafers, de-paneling copper plated Teflon boards, and dicing ceramic green tape. Transparent in thin cross-sections. Soluble in hot water.

Crystalbond™ 590
High strength, resilient adhesive, ideal for dicing miniature and tall parts. Soluble in isopropyl alcohol or 590-S stripper, a water-dispersible, environmentally-safe powder concentrate.

Wafer-Mount™ 559
Semi-rigid, solvent-resistant plastic film with pressure sensitive soluble adhesive layer. Ideal for scribing wafers with vacuum hold down fixturing.

Wafer-Mount™ 562
Thermoplastic film adhesive, ideal for mounting fragile substrates. Soluble in 562-S stripper, a non-flammable, biodegradable, water-rinsable solvent.


Ceramic Mounting Blocks
Aremcolox™ 502-1100 Alumino-Silicate, unfired ceramic provides an ideal mounting surface for substrates and assists in keeping diamond wheels clog-free. This ceramic can also be re-faced to keep operating costs to a minimum. Standard ground, flat and parallel plates are available, 1/2” x 4” x 4” and 1/2” x 6” x 6”. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Diamond Wheels
Aremco offers a complete range of metal- and resin-bonded diamond wheels, custom mounting flanges and dressing sticks.

Cutting Lubricant
Aremco-Cool™ 558 is a translucent, water-soluble concentrate that provides exceptional lubricity and wetting of extremely abrasive materials. It improves machinability, reduces tool wear, and will not cause corrosion or buildup when diluted with clean water. Biodegradable, odorless and environmentally safe.

Miniature Diamond Drills
Aremco’s miniature diamond drills are used to produce chip-free, high precision holes in fired ceramics and other ultra-dense materials. Miniature solid drills are offered from 6 to 40 mils in diameter. Miniature core drills are offered with inside diameters from 20 to 500 mils.

  • Machining advanced ceramics
  • Lapping and polishing optical components
  • Dicing ceramic substrates and semiconductor wafers
  • Dicing ferrites, glasses and piezoelectrics
  • Dicing metal and optical single crystals
  • Mounting cross-sections for electron microscopy
  • Backfilling components for temporary mechanical support
  • Dry plasma etching.

Aremco-Cool, Stripper