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High Temperature Inorganic Binders

Tech Bulletin A11

Aremco’s Ceramabind™ materials are unique binder systems used in the formulation of specialty adhesives, coatings, sealants and putties for applications to 3200 °F.

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An acidic, etching solution which is ideal for use in adhesive systems for bonding non-porous ceramics and glass. Stable when mixed with copper. Reacts with bases such as carbonates, oxides and hydroxides of alkali metals.

A basic solution which is highly compatible with most ceramic and metal powders. Good wettability and tack, and excellent acid resistance after curing. Extremely moisture resistant after a high temperature cure. Sets up in thick cross-sections when properly formulated.

A basic solution compatible with most ceramic and metal powders. Excellent binder for producing high temperature protective coatings and refractory and chemically resistant adhesives and patching materials. Fully cures at low temperatures and sets up in thick cross-sections when properly formulated.

Similar to 643-1. Excellent for formulating thin coatings that set at room temperature and can be raised rapidly to high temperatures.

An acidic, colloidal alumina binder developed for mixing with sized refractory flours and grains to produce high temperature refractory coatings for ceramic fiber boards. Used as a superior standalone system to rigidize refractory fiber shapes.

A colloidal silica aqueous solution which produces high adhesive strength. Ideal for blending with all types of granular and fibrous ceramics. Excellent resistance to temperature, moisture and mechanical shock.

A basic solution compatible with most oxide and metal powders. Ideal for formulating high pigment-to-binder ratios to produce dense adhesives and coatings. Sets at room temperature to a moisture resistant film and does not require a heat cure. Use only for thin coating systems less than 1 mil thick.

An acidic powdered binder system used to formulate high strength, hydraulic-setting cements for electrical potting or molding applications. A powder blend is typically formulated by adding one part binder to four parts filler by weight. Water is then added in a ratio of 15-20 parts to 100 parts powder blend by weight. Curing occurs at room temperature or can be accelerated by heating at 200 °F for 1-2 hours.

High temperature, water-dispersible silicone resin for producing corrosion and moisture resistant coatings and sealing porous ceramics. Cures at 450 °F in one hour.