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Ultra-Temp 516 Bonds Zirconia Ceramics

October 17, 2014

Ultra-Temp™ 516, a high temperature zirconia and zirconium silicate filled adhesive manufactured by Aremco Products, Inc., is now used to bond zirconia ceramics used in applications to 4400 ºF.

Ultra-Temp 516 Bonds Zirconia Ceramics

Ultra-Temp™ 516 is a new, single part, zirconia and zirconium silicate filled, inorganic adhesive system for bonding zirconia components used in high temperature sensors and instruments to 4400 ºF.

Ultra-Temp™ 516 demonstrates exceptional electrical, mechanical and thermal properties. Its dielectric strength is 188 volts/mil; volume resistivity is 108 ohm-cm; and torque strength is 50.0 ft-lbs.

Due to its inert chemistry Ultra-Temp™ 516 will not outgas under ultra high vacuum (UHV), a common requirement for many industrial processes such as semiconductor manufacturing. Ultra-Temp™ 516 also provides excellent chemical, moisture and thermal shock resistance.

Ultra-Temp™ 516 is applied easily using a syringe, brush or automatic dispenser. Because it is water-based, cleanup is accomplished quickly using warm water and soap. Full curing is achieved by step curing at 200 ºF, 500 ºF and 700 ºF for 1–2 hours at each temperature.

Ultra-Temp™ 516 can be used to bond a wide range of materials including alumina, beryllia, silicon, graphite, inconel, molybdenum, nickel, tantalum, titanium, tungsten, zirconia, and zirconium silicate. It is available from stock in pint, quart, gallon and five-gallon pails.

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