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Pyro-Putty 950 Seals High Temperature Casings & Manifolds

April 10, 2015

Pyro-Putty™ 950, a new high temperature sealant developed by Aremco Products, Inc., is now used as a gasketing compound for high temperature components such as boilers, compressors, heat exchangers, furnaces, ovens, exhaust manifolds, and turbines for service conditions to 950 ºF (510 ºC).

Pyro-Putty 950 Seals High Temperature Casings & Manifolds

Pyro-Putty™ 950 is an advanced sealant system that is formulated by combining a unique high temperature resin with ceramic fibers and powders. Pyro-Putty™ 950 is used in applications to 950 ºF and is ideal for use as a replacement for gaskets and to repair rough, scored or irregular surfaces. Pyro-Putty™ 950 is resistant to chemical and steam attack, high pressure and vacuum atmospheres, and mechanical vibration and joint movement. It is extremely durable in steam, chemicals, pressure and heat.


• Gas and Steam Turbines
• Boilers and Compressors
• Heat Exchangers, Pumps and Blowers
• Exhaust Flanges on Motors and Turbines
• Piping and Ducting
• Valve Packing in Steam Valves
• Flexible Pipe Joints

Pyro-Putty™ 950 is typically offered in an 11-ounce caulk gun cartridge. It cures in service into a tough, pliable material, or it can be cured before service by heating the joint without pressure to 400 ºF for 1 hour or 225 ºF for 4–6 hours.

For more information about this advanced, high temperature sealant, please contact Aremco’s Technical Sales Group, or read more.