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New Super-Heat Magnesium Oxide Ceramics Now Available

May 7, 2013

Aremco's Super-Heattm 502-676 Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Ceramic Crucibles are now available for use in the processing of ultra high temperature refractory metals, slags and superconductor compounds to 4000 °F.

New Super-Heat Magnesium Oxide Ceramics Now Available

Aremco’s Super-Heat™ 502-676 MgO ceramic is a full-fired, 99% pure material used in applications to 4000 °F
(2200 °C). Super-Heat™ 502-676 MgO is a high density, fine grain microstructure with an open porosity of less than 1% and an average density of 3.45 grams/cc or 96% of theoretical. This ceramic is an ideal alternative to alumina because it exhibits better chemical resistance and is inert to metals, slags and superconductor compounds.

Typical applications for Super-Heat™502-676 MgO include the processing of:

* Nickel-Base Super Alloys
* Plutonium & Uranium Compounds
* Superconductor Materials
* Piezoelectric Compounds
* Beta-Alumina

Super-Heat™ 502-676 MgO Crucibles are now available in both stock and custom shapes up to 7″ diameter x 12″ length with a wall thickness of 0.2″ maximum.

Please contact Aremco’s Technical Sales Department for a listing of standard crucibles or for more information about this advanced product.