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Ceramabond™ 503 Now Used for Aluminum Oxide Bonding of Ceramics

October 4, 2011

Ceramabond™ 503, a new high temperature ceramic adhesive formulated by Aremco Products, Inc., is now used to bond aluminum oxide ceramics for a wide variety of high temperature applications to 3200 °F (1760 °C).

Ceramabond™ 503 Now Used for Aluminum Oxide Bonding of Ceramics

Ceramabond™ 503 is an inorganic, water-dispersed, aluminum oxide (alumina) filled adhesive that resists temperatures to 3200 °F (1760 °C) and is ideal for bonding alumina ceramics. It is applied easily by brush, spatula, or syringe and cures fully in 1-2 hours at 700 °F. Mechanical strength continues to improve with increases in temperature and tensile-shear strength of 900 psi can be achieved by curing further at 1000 °F.

Ceramabond™ 503 is an inert, chemically resistant material that will not outgas in ultra high vacuum (UHV).

It is also an exceptional electrical insulator providing a volume resistivity of 109 ohms-cm and dielectric strength of 250 volts/mil.

Typical applications for Ceramabond™ 503 include the assembly of dense ceramic components used in ultra high vacuum equipment, repairing of ceramic sager plates used in furnaces, potting thermocouples and gas sensors, and coating platinum/rhodium resistance wires to alumina heater cores.

Ceramabond™ 503 is available from stock in pint, quart, gallon and five-gallon drums. Please contact Aremco’s Technical Sales Group for more information about this advanced new material.